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Tuesday, 10.16.2018
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Modafinil in Australia

What Happens To Modafinil In Australia Customs (And US and UK Customs)

If you package is found at customs the worst you will get is a ‘love letter’ describing you have imported a medicine that requires a prescription and you can either show up with the prescription or you choose to let them destroy it. Hint: do not show up. Then you cannot get fined.

That being said, I’ve never really heard of anyone having their package seized by customs, so this will not happen to you.

But of course, if you try to import 5000 pills and you might get in a bit of trouble, so don’t do that. If you are importing 200 or 400 you are totally fine, and smaller amounts don’t even show up on the radar… so for the most part you’re pretty safe.

No-one Gets Caught Importing Provigil Without A Prescription…

The reason being you have to get caught in the first place, which doesn’t happen. I don’t know of anyone who’s been arrested or penalized for importing modafinil. The worst I’ve heard is a letter from customs saying they inspected the package and do you realise you have to have a prescription for the product modafinil that you are importing. With a little P.S. don’t do it again or we’ll getcha!

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